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Black horse car finance

black horse car finance

But the annual Geneva Motor Show isn’t the same as other auto shows around the world. That’s because Geneva is where the world’s most exclusive and expensive exotics debut. It may be hard to imagine that attendees leave the show floor contacting their bank about financing a shiny new supercar, but that’s exactly what happens […]

Lamborghini Countach: Genesis Of The Poster Car

Lamborghini Countach

There isn’t a gearhead on the planet who could fail to recognise a Lamborghini Coutach. Just to push the boundaries even further, we would claim that anyone with an interest in cars could explain that this particular Countach is the most recognisable of the 19-year production run; the LP5000 QV. The Miura may have given the raging […]

Enzo ferrari car

enzo ferrari car

Just 400 examples were built of the Enzo, which featured advanced composite bodywork and a carbon-fibre and aluminium honeycomb sandwich chassis and was equipped with a 5998cc 65° V12 producing 660hp. The car boasted extremely advanced aerodynamics of clear F1 inspiration, with downforce that reached a maximum of 775 kg at 300 km/h, and that […]

Shelby 427 Cobra 1966

Shelby 427 Cobra

Whatever related with maker shelby’s call is correct presently charge it moderate. with accomplice in nursing loopy potential to-weight association, the shelby 427 ophidian alternatives a clue a great deal of giddyup than your material. but, the extraordinary an enormous number of dollars you’d buy one will seem like chickenfeed diverged from the $five.five million […]