Enzo ferrari car

enzo ferrari car

Just 400 examples were built of the Enzo, which featured advanced composite bodywork and a carbon-fibre and aluminium honeycomb sandwich chassis and was equipped with a 5998cc 65° V12 producing 660hp. The car boasted extremely advanced aerodynamics of clear F1 inspiration, with downforce that reached a maximum of 775 kg at 300 km/h, and that then gradually decreased to 585 kg at its maximum speed of 350 km/h.


In the course of its history, Ferrari has, at regular intervals, produced extreme sports cars that are the pinnacle of the technological and performance-oriented achievement of their day and made them available to its clients for road use. This policy has produced some of the most extraordinary in the marque’s entire history. Each one represented the very state of the art in terms of performance-oriented engineering, the most recent being, of course, the likes of the 288 GTO, F40 and F50. What all of these cars shared, however, wasn’t just their benchmark performance but the fact that they were produced in strictly limited edition runs. Joining their exclusive ranks in 2002 was the Enzo Ferrari, a superb car of which just 399 were built.

At the time of its launch, the Enzo contained the most advanced track-derived technologies of its day. What made it truly unique was the fact that it was benefiting from the technological crossover at a time when Ferrari was on an impressive winning streak in Formula 1. The goal Ferrari set itself was to turn the Enzo into an integrated system that would actually improve upon the driver’s performance capacities through the use of a Formula 1-style human-machine interface.

Never before had a Ferrari’s styling been so heavily influenced by function. Work in the wind tunnel, on the track and on the road focused unswervingly on achieving maximum performance possible and resulted in a completely uncompromising car. The Enzo’s front section was inspired both in terms of its form and function by the Formula 1 car’s nose cone while its composite flanks were sculpted to channel air flows for superb internal fluid-dynamics.

The tail section didn’t have a big rear wing either, as the engineers opted for much more subtle aerodynamic aids and a highly efficient ground effect instead. Pininfarina did a majestic job of drawing these and other functions together and moulding an incredibly charismatic line out them.


The car’s uncompromising stance, compact size and weight reduction objectives made for a strictly functional cabin. In fact, all of the main surfaces were unadorned carbon-fibre while the steering wheel bristled with vehicle control buttons and switches like a Formula 1 car. Even the racing seat’s structure was carbon-fibre. Different backrest and seat sizes could be combined to ensure a perfect driving position in line with the owner’s own driving style and body shape.

The Enzo hailed a new generation of cabin styling: the human-machine interface was more efficient than ever and every effort was made to ensure that the driver was in the optimal position to make the very most of his car’s extreme performance.
While the F50 will go down in automotive history for being the first car to take Formula 1 technology to the road, via an engine directly derived from the one used in the 1990 single-seater, the Enzo offered a range of solutions more focused on melding the teaching of both track and road. As a result, a whole plethora of the Enzo’s cutting-edge solutions would go appear in the Ferraris that came after it: its incredibly light compact V12, its carbon-fibre brake discs, human-machine interface, aerodynamic features and many more besides.

The Enzo’s chassis was made entirely from carbon-fibre and aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels which delivered the required results in terms of stiffness, weight reduction and safety.


The Enzo’s engine was a completely new 65° V12 that drew on Ferrari’s F1 experience and as a result featured some unique technical solutions. It had an overall displacement of 5998 cc, a maximum power output of 660 hp at 7800 rpm and maximum torque of 67 kgm at 5500 rpm. It also had a compression ratio of 11.2 and a specific power output of 110 CV/lt. The new V12 was completely focused on delivering a unique blend of blistering power, huge torque at low revs and a broad range of use. Its rear-mounted gearbox was connected directly to the engine with just the F1 version being available.

The priority with the Enzo design was to cut gearshifting times (which went down to 150 milliseconds) to deliver superbly sporty driving. This was thanks to a new control logic and further refinements which, in line with the car’s extreme vocation, were less influenced by comfort considerations.

The Enzo’s braking system was specifically developed for it by Brembo and featured CCM (Carbon-Ceramic Material) discs, the first time these had been used on a Ferrari car despite having been employed for years by the Scuderia in Formula 1. This also contributed in no small part to the benchmark braking performance results delivered by the Enzo across the board.

After Rewrite


Handiest four hundred styles had been toiled of the enzo, that featured impelled composite bodywork and a carbon-fiber and metal honeycomb sandwich body and was provided with a 5998cc 65° v12 creating 660hp. the vehicle gloated terribly impelled mechanics clear f1 inspiration, with downforce that arrived to an enormous bit of 775 weight unit at 300 km/h, that at that point a bit at any given moment little to 585 weight unit at its greatest speed of 350 km/h.

The story

Over the range of its history, ferrari has, at ordinary between times, made absurd computer games cars that rectangular degree the most extreme significant of the dynamic and execution masterminded enthusiasm for their day and made them accessible to its customers for street use. this strategy has made grouping of the pioneer unparalleled at breaks the marque’s finished history. all drawn the totally five star in class with respect to execution found planning, the transcendent late being, obviously, any similarity to the 288 gto, f40 and f50. what those vehicles shared, in any case, wasn’t only their benchmark execution anyway the snared actuality that they have been made in mindfully form runs. adjustment of decency their world class positions in 2002 changed into the enzo ferrari, a famous vehicle of that best 399 were created.

On the period of its dispatch, the enzo contained the major pushed tune induced advancements of its day. what made it exceedingly unquestionable become the straightforward reality that it totally transformed into taking advantage of the mechanical cross breed straight away ferrari progressed toward becoming on an exceptional streak in parts one. the target ferrari set itself changed into to name consideration regarding the enzo into assistant joined structure that may plainly upgrade the main impetus’ introduction limits through crafted by a framework 1-style human-framework interface.

At the same time had a ferrari’s styling been as such strongly tormented by work. comprise of the improvement, at the melody and out and around focused unswervingly on participating in most execution getable and occurred in aat some purpose of aa veryin a horrendously in all regards plainly organization position vehicle. the enzo’s front area become propelled each to the extent its sort and execution by method for the equation one vehicle’s the front however its composite flanks have been graven to channel wind streams for incredible inside fluid components.

The tail spot did not have an excellent again wing both, as a result of the specialists decided on indisputably well ordered unstable mechanics helps and a proficient crane. pininfarina completed a story breaking vocation of delineation those buddy degreed absolutely various limits on associate degreed shaping an incomprehensibly enticing line out them.

The body

The vehicle’s organization position work, preservationist length and weight decline areas made for a circumspectly conscious cabin. truth be told, a great many people of the significant surfaces have been undecorated automobilebon-fiber in spite of the fact that the wheel thorned with vehicle the board gets and switches combination of an equation one car. absolutely, even the diversions seat’s structure moved toward becoming carbon-fiber. absolutely exact lower back and seat sizes may be joined kind huge a perfect riding position agreeing with the owner’s own one of a kind riding design and body structure.

The enzo hailed a substitution period of motel styling: the human-machine interface changed into many green than at later and each effort changed into made to outline worthwhile that the essential purpose progressed toward becoming at breaks the great capacity to make the amazingly the monster lion’s share of his vehicle’s marvelous show.

While the f50 will go down in car history for being the essential vehicle to require equation one advancement to the street, by utilizing accomplice engine clearly were given from the main connected inside the 1990 single-seater, the enzo gave an assurance of plans several concentrated on consolidating the training of each melody and road. thusly, a total plenitude of the enzo’s with-it arrangements may cross appear at intervals the ferraris that came once it: its fantastically mellow weight decreased v12, its carbon-fiber brake plates, human-device interface, mechanics choices and various loads of other than.

The enzo’s skeleton diverted into made totally from carbon-fiber and metallic honeycomb sandwich discussions that passed on the exact outcomes with respect to robustness, weight reduction and security.

The motor

The enzo’s engine turned into an amazingly new 65° v12 that john drew on ferrari’s f1 experience and accordingly featured a couple of undeniable particular arrangements. it had accomplice through and huge dislodging of 5998 cc, a most extreme quality yield of 660 h.p. at 7800 rev and most extreme quality of sixty seven kgm at 5500 rev. it together had a strain association of eleven.2 and a chose power yield of 100 and 10 cv/lt. the pristine v12 become totally focused on passing on a particular mix of irritating quality, astonishing force at low revs and a far reaching exchange of utilization. its back guided shell changed into related on to the engine with simply the f1 version being to be had.

The need with the enzo style changed into to lessen gearshifting times (which went legitimate straightforwardly down to a hundred fifty milliseconds) to convey exceedingly dynamic riding. this progressed toward becoming appreciation to a substitution the administrators reason and a stupendous arrangement of refinements that, as per the vehicle’s over the top job, have been less affected by means of comfort issues.

The enzo’s ceasing component changed into unequivocally made for it by method for brembo and featured ccm (carbon-earthenware texture) circles, the essential run through these had been connected On a ferrari vehicle paying little mind to getting been used for a gigantic time span by means of the scuderia in technique one. this together contributed in no little [*fr1] to the benchmark braking execution results passed on through the enzo regardless of the manner in which you investigate it.

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