The Best Clawhammer Banjo Players Of All Time

If you’ve ever seen a bluegrass group conduct, you might have seen that the banjo person is truly the 1 standing off of aside, smiling and bobbing their brain together with the audio. What you might not know is the fact that there’s a good reason for this—the banjo is played out utilizing a strategy referred to as clawhammer.

Clawhammer banjo is actually a type of actively playing that uses the back of the palm (hence the phrase “claw”) to hit the strings inside a downward movements. This generates a “jumping” audio that provides clawhammer banjo its exclusive noise. This form of actively playing was helped bring over to America by Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century and easily spread out country wide.

The trend regarding this

The buzz of clawhammer banjo peaked during the early 20th century because it became frequently used in minstrel reveals and vaudeville works. However, by the center of the century, clawhammer banjo experienced started to decline in popularity as other styles of audio, including rock and roll, took on the American music landscape.

Despite its drop in acceptance, clawhammer banjo never truly moved apart. Lately, we have seen a resurgence in interest in traditional American tunes, culminating in a new technology of music artists who definitely are trying to keep living the noises in their forebears. If you’ve ever seen a bluegrass group perform, odds are that they had a clawhammer banjo participant somewhere onstage—smiling and bobbing their brain along with the songs.


The clawhammer style of banjo enjoying has beginnings that date back to 19th-century Ireland. It enjoyed a time period of recognition in the usa through the early 20th century before sliding from love as other types took above.

Recently, however, there has been a renewed interest in standard American songs, creating a new technology of clawhammer vs bluegrass athletes who are retaining this form of tunes living.



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