One of the general rules to start collecting all the hallucinogenic mushrooms that are already ready is when the hat is completely open. Many commercial growers use special knives for mushrooms, which allows the stem that is close to the surface to be cut. When the productions are on a large scale, the growers must harvest quickly before the spores spill.

Those who can have a few small installation sites in the houses, do not need any mushroom knife. If growers do not have cutting tools at their disposal, they can find some harvesting mushrooms by hand.
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The best recommendation from experts in Canada is that it is time to start cultivating magic mushrooms as soon as possible. The longer a person waits, the less productive the different magic mushrooms’ harvests will be. If the grower cannot start growing immediately, the igrowcan should be stored at a temperature of 10 to 18 degrees Celsius.
The golden teacher or golden teacher effect must be done in the best and most careful way possible. There are many manuals and tips that all growers can follow to achieve very excellent results through the internet. There are a series of steps in these manuals that ensure that all growers can achieve a successful harvest and that nothing is lost.
Are psychedelic mushrooms illegal?
Magic mushrooms are illegal in almost all parts of the world, thanks to an important agreement: Convention on Psychotropic Substances. It is an important international treaty signed and elaborated in 1971 by the United Nations, and its objective was to prohibit the consumption of mushrooms.
However, the UN does not have the necessary power to monitor and control every country’s streets in the world. Currently, many countries have certain decriminalization and regulations to cultivate some magic mushrooms.



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